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Klenck Company

Southport Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Indianapolis, IN

Klenck Company has been tasked by Bowen Engineering to complete the demolition of the 150’ diameter Bio Roughing Towers #1 through # 4 including the walls, columns, support beams, piping, ancillary equipment and foundations 2 feet below grade.  Additionally, the plastic modular media contained within will be shredded and landfilled locally.

While onsite, the abandoned concrete Grit Tanks and Flow Distribution Structure, along with associated foundations will be demolished utilizing company owned universal processors equipped with specialized concrete breaking jaws.

As new construction proceeds and the existing structures become available to Klenck Company, the SW & SE Primary Clarifiers and Primary Grit Tank will be demolished in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  As with any project, Klenck Company has utilized its extensive ferrous and nonferrous salvage abilities to reduce demolition costs to the owner and general contractor.