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Klenck Company

Rio Tinto Alcan

Sebree, KY

261 Furnace Excavation, 2011: As a complimentary project, Klenck Company was again tasked with the 261E ABF tub excavation. Although a similar project in nature, the 261E package required a 24 hour/ day operation to meet stringent deadlines. RTA allowed the contractor 8 days to complete the operation; Klenck Company need only 6 1/2 days. 16,000 tons of debris was excavated from the twin furnace bays and crushed onsite. Once the debris was removed, laser grade boxes were used to maintain grade specifications over the 45,000 square foot area. Such adherence to the tight tolerances allowed future subcontractors to begin work without delay.

261 Furnace Excavation, 2009: This project included 25,000 square feet of concrete demolition and 15,000 cubic yards of excavation inside the 261W ABF building. RTA has stringent safety policies and Klenck Company has been recognized by RTA for its outstanding safety program. Our commitment cannot be stronger.