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Klenck Company

Evansville Arena/Executive Inn Parking Garage

Evansville, IN

Klenck Company was proud to be the demolition contractor of choice for the new Evansville arena project. Representing the new and old techniques of demolition an ultra-high reach excavator and crawler crane were utilized to maintain the tight project schedule of removing the 12 story addition to the Executive Inn.  Klenck Company prides itself on offering recycling solutions along with demolition services. During the phase I demolition of the structure, the carpet, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete and brick were all recycled—keeping these materials out of the waste stream.  81% of the building by weight was recycled and all schedules were met to allow for pre-construction activities on the Ford Center.  While onsite performing the hotel demolition, the 7 buildings along Main Street required removal to allow for the foundation construction of the arena; Klenck turned over that portion of the site to Hunt Construction 12 days ahead of schedule.

As projects evolve it can become necessary to reevaluate a building’s condition. Although the original goal was to remodel the remaining Executive Inn and Parking Garage, the City opted for a new hotel on the adjacent lot. Once the approvals were in place, Klenck Company began demolishing phase II – the 10 story concrete parking garage and the 8 story hotel structure.  As the parking garage and hotel were being demolished, the Ford Center was taking shape.  During the final days of demolition, the transformers for the new arena were installed only 24” from the 8 story hotel.  Additional protections were constructed – the arena and its components sustained no harm and the entire project remained on track.  Once removed from site, the basement of the former hotel was backfilled with recycled concrete that met both the sizing and compaction specifications and offered a cost savings compared to the purchase of virgin material.

During Ford Center construction, Klenck Company provided Hunt Construction with LEED documented waste recycling services.  A number of 40 cubic yard containers were staged on the site and utilized to dispose of general waste, wood, cardboard, and scrap ferrous materials.  By provide segregated waste and documentation services, Klenck saved 60% of the budgeted cost for waste disposal.