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Klenck Company


Klenck Company’s unique machinery, approach, and ability allow for less time to complete projects, in turn, our clients are able to begin new construction sooner. This rapid income realization sets Klenck Company apart from our competition.

Global Positioning Systems

Klenck Company uses GPS to assure accuracy and speed. This facilitates a quick and efficient turnover to the owner.

Multiple Head Excavators

With the ability of one machine to switch from onsite steel shearing, to gathering scrap with an orange peel grapple, and then to a magnet to load onto trucks. We offer our clients a process with fewer machines and less labor which keeps the price of projects low.

Roll-off Boxes

Our partner, Fligeltaub Recycling, has over one hundred boxes from small 6 cubic yard containers to massive 40 cubic yard trailers.

Concrete Crusher and Screens

Klenck Company can prevent concrete floors and walls from sitting in landfills by processing the material, utilize the crushed stone onsite, and in turn save our customers money.

Soil Stabilization Equipment

With an extensive network of lime stabilization contractors available in a variety of states, Klenck Company provides the construction management tools to provide compactable soils on your building site.


Not all projects are the same, so to be an effective asset retirement contractor Klenck Company is flexible. We have full service fabrication and maintenance services allowing Klenck Company to design and build optimum tools to utilize onsite.


As members of the national, state, and local chapters of the US Green Building Counsel, Klenck Company is at the area’s cutting edge of recycling capabilities. Currently, Klenck Company in partnership with Henry Fligeltaub Company recycles ferrous and nonferrous industrial scrap, concrete, and brick. As the industry moves forward, Klenck Company is poised to become a dealer for industrial furnaces and resell recycled wood fuel to a variety of customers – reducing energy consumption. Klenck Company maintains contact with numerous “Green” firms that can offer recycling of glass, Styrofoam, drywall, cardboard, paper, and plastics. Consultation is available anytime.