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Klenck Company

Emge Processing Plant

Anderson, IN

After sitting idle for nearly 20 years, the former Emge meat processing plant is now being demolished by Klenck Company.  Though the project has been bid several times, Klenck was the only contractor able to meet the City of Anderson’s budget.  The Volvo 360 HR and LaBounty MDP20R has been making quick work of the masonry structure.  Once a 336,000 square feet facility, the structure is generating large amounts of scrap ferrous and nonferrous materials – the main reason Klenck was able to reduce the price of the project.  As the building is reduced to rubble, the high-reach boom will be removed from the Volvo 360 HR and the digging boom and grapple will be installed and used to sort the demolition debris.  Along with the Volvo 360, additional excavators are onsite to mag the debris for scrap metals, downsize concrete with an Allied concrete muncher, provide mass excavation, and load the concrete crusher.

As the City of Anderson plans to utilize the space for a maintenance and storage area, Klenck Company’s scope of work includes the demolition of the structure, masonry crushing and recycling, material import and grading of the site and utility disconnections.  Utilizing our GPS modeling, Klenck is able to generate “as-built” drawings once the project is complete.