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COVID-19 Procedures


As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout our country, we have implemented further steps in order to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of the virus within the company, our families, and community. Effective, Monday the 23rd, Klenck Company began implementing the following procedures:

  • All administrative staff began working from home, except for the owners. We have continued keeping the company within a total operational capacity.
  • Project Management will continue to do site visits, and will continue with customer/associate meetings when necessary. Within the social distancing guidelines.
  • The doors to the office/shop will remain locked. Please refer to our list of contacts on the website or call the office number, 812-963-9000, for any assistance needed.
  • Additional procedures have been put into place in the field. We ask that any subcontractors working for Klenck Company follow the same guidelines. Please call the office for a copy or request a copy from our Project Management Team.

We thank all of our customers, vendors, and subcontractors for all of their efforts in implementing, COVID-19 policies, that will directly affect the safety of Klenck Company employees as well as many others. May God Bless America and the World.


Angie Klenck