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Posted 08/10/20150

Seeing Demolition Differently

Article from Volvo Construction Machines website.

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Posted 02/01/20120

Goedecke Construction Equipment & Supplies

Evansville, IN

At Goedecke Construction Equipment & Supplies, Klenck Company was able to revamp a dilapidated storage yard into a viable asset to the company. The owner presented a problem and a solution was developed by the Klenck Company site development team.

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Posted 12/07/20110

Diamond Plaza Complex

With idled structures becoming more prevalent due to the stagnant economy, Klenck Company offers its expertise with revenue generation. Recyclable scrap materials can offset the incurred costs of demolition.

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Posted 12/06/20110

Volvo 360C HR

Klenck Company has purchased its newest demolition machine. The Volvo 360C High Reach will advance Klenck beyond the standard demolition capabilities of area contractors.

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Posted 12/05/20110

Memorial Medical Center Parking Garage

Springfield, IL

UPDATE: Klenck Company has begun demolition activities on the Memorial Medical Center parking garage project. After extensive pre-demolition timber erection and adjacent building protections, the Volvo 360 UHD excavator begins demolition on the North face of the building. The secondary machine, a Volvo 330 with Universal Processor and concrete cracker head, works to aid in the structural demolition. The timbers will be salvaged during the project and reused, the concrete will be crushed and utilized on future construction projects, and the scrap steel will be sent to the recycling yard. Once complete, 99% by weight of the will be reused or repurposed.

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Posted 06/07/20110

Demolition of Executive Inn Parking Garage

Klenck Company continues to work on the New Evansville Downtown Arena project, recently completing the demolition of the Executive Inn parking garage to help make room for the new hotel.…

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Posted 03/30/20110

Klenck Takes Down Old Wabash Bridge

Klenck Company was hired by the Illinois Department of Transportation to remove the Wabash River bridge, a steel-girder bridge that linked Mount Carmel, IL to Gibson County, IN for nearly…

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