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Concrete Crushing & Recycling

It is always important to reuse materials onsite whenever possible, Klenck Company can turn a concrete slab into road base or erosion control.

PHASE I – Klenck Company was proud to be the demolition contractor of choice for the new stadium project and prides itself on offering recycling solutions along with conventional demolition services.  During the demolition the glass, ferrous, nonferrous metals, concrete, and brick will all be recycled – keeping these materials out of the waste stream.  At the time of completion, 81% by weight of the building was recycled and all schedules were met.

PHASE II – As the development has progressed, it was decided to remove the remaining Executive Inn tower and parking structure.  This demolition will allow a state of the art hotel complex to be constructed.  The 10 story concrete parking structure was eliminated over the course of only two weeks; the 8 story masonry and concrete hotel lasted only three.  Recycling estimates vary by structure with the garage and hotel meeting 90% and 75% recycled respectively.

Rio Tinto Alcan, a global leader in aluminum production, required a demolition and excavation contractor to remove 17,000 tons of refractory brick and concrete from an anode bake furnace at the Sebree Works facility.  Klenck Company was the only contractor to meet the project budget and eight day schedule.  To stay ahead of the other subcontractor Klenck Company worked 24 hours/ day to complete the endeavor.  A total of only six and a half days were needed.

With a wide array of specialty pieces of equipment, knowledgeable staff, and the ability to process large amounts of scrap steel, Klenck Company was able to complete the demolition of the former Wabash River Bridge in Mt. Carmel, Illinois with zero impact to the new bridge structure.  Built in 1932, the overall bridge length was 2725 feet and yielded nearly 3000 tons of ferrous scrap.  Klenck Company used a variety of steal shears, hydraulic hammers, concrete drills and concrete munchers to process and recycle the entire bridge contents.  Dykon Explosive Demolition performed 3 separate shoots – two on the bridge structure itself and one to remove the remaining underwater concrete piers.

General Electric tasked Klenck Company with the removal of un-auctioned machinery and the remaining MEP once the Owensboro plant had shut down.  The large interior space allowed for HFC’s Fuchs 350 wheeled excavator and steel shear to be taken from the scrap yard and employed onsite.  Once the larger steel was processed, a Cat 308 mini-excavator equipped with a steel shear began cutting small ferrous and larger nonferrous materials to recycle.  By utilizing shears instead of torches, hazardous fumes were minimized and overall site safety was improved.  This project employed nearly thirty individuals working seven, 12 hour days for a three month period in an interior space with zero personnel safety incidents on time and within contract.

The 155’ tall riverfront concrete silo has stood in Mt. Vernon, Indiana since 1953.  With the assistance of federal grants and city fundraisers, Klenck Company has changed the riverfront skyline.  The silo was coated with a silver asbestos paint and needed remediation before demolition could start.  Once the structure was demolished, the clean concrete was processed, then crushed and utilized as roadbed on area projects.  The steel reinforcing bar was recycled at Henry Fligeltaub Company’s scrap yard.  A GPS equipped bulldozer placed the surrounding landscape to grade and a retaining wall was constructed.  The City plans a fantastic new park and Klenck Company is pleased to be a part of our community’s project.

The project, for Bowen Engineering, began with the demolition of 3 steel buildings and evolved to site excavation and foundation removal.  These actions allowed for the expansion and scrubber installation at the Ameren Power Station.  The foundations needing to be removed were 60” thick and 15’ to 30’ wide.  Large hydra-hammers and excavators were employed to complete the contract work.

Klenck Company provides waste recycling solutions to contractors and developers throughout Southwestern Indiana.  Notable projects include: the New Evansville Arena for Hunt Construction, Empire Contractors and Danco Construction at the New North High School, and Arc Construction at the JT Meyer Lock and Dam.  Klenck Company is able to provide recycling options for most all debris generated during remodeling, build out and new construction.